I was born pretty, impoverished and good natured.

I knew the story, or thought I did.

I cleaned more than Cinderella, read more books than Belle, and amassed more treasures than Ariel.

All I had to do was stick to the fairy tale script and marry a prince, simple and easy.

Things turned out to be a bit more complicated.

Love didn’t unfold easily: it still doesn’t.

I worked long and hard, and longer and harder still.

Through true grit and hard-won experience, I became my own prince, which is to say I provide for myself.

Now I’d like a princess of my own.


Non-Binary Dreams

One of the most potent dreams I have ever had
Was of looking deeply into their enchanting eyes
Accepting the invitation to open their thighs
Like they were my favorite book

I want to savor their scent
Hold their every word in my mouth
Tenderly turn their pages
Until I know them cover to cover
My non-binary lover