I let myself get pushed into boxes, dark and small

Pressured by the perceived need to be perfect to all

Well practiced in the art of self-neglect

Sitting in front of a sunrise, I stop to reflect

Giving my life away isn’t worth it

Despite the loud protests of the vain who ingrained their voices into my brain

I didn’t know not to believe their threats

Now I know that the sun shines for all

Growing plants for us to eat

Glowing light and radiating heat so we can see, so we don’t freeze

Gently reminding us when it is time to get up, and time to go to bed

May the sun melt away outdated beliefs from my head

I remember the ladies I wanted to be friends with but couldn’t find the words

It was easy with men, my body did the talking

On the streets I set to walking

I had forgotten that the sun shined for me too

Today may I remember

That I am worthy of health, wealth and happiness

May I burst forth from self-imposed restrictions

And shine my limitless potential