You and I walked the line-
The thin border that separated us
We got as close to each other as we could

Your mood swing shook the ground, turning the crack between us into a canyon
Sprawling vastly between us, there was no way to stitch or suture us back together
I was shaken down by your rumble
My hopes for us buried in the rubble

Slowly, we picked ourselves back up again
Separating the pieces of you from the pieces of me
Resurfacing, scratched and bruised
Older and wiser

You seem borderline
Leaning so close in
Then so far away
I might be borderline too
We swerved toward and away from each other
At a dizzying pace
I’m trying to figure out
Where is the line with you?

You crossed the line with me
Too many times
It was my fault
For not drawing a boundary, not staying true to my heart
But I’m drawing it now
By cutting you off
Instead of cutting my skin

You kept invading my body and my life
I’d rather do other things with my time
So please, darling, mind the line

V for Vegetarian

V for Vegetarian

Baby, you’re a steak
My mouth waters for you
And I lick my plate
I ask for more
You serve it up great

That sparkle in your eye is the salt
Your muscles are juicy and meaty
Your sweat is thick and beady
Your lips are soft and succulent
Though we’re not camping,
You pitch a tent

Yet amidst the carnage my heart cries out
You are too rich of a dish for me
Our love is not sustainable
I only want a life that is containable
But you desire to ravage me wildly

Though I used to wash you down with wine
I now know that I need space and time
After the blood has dried and the tears are cried
I’m going vegetarian