A is for Abortion

A is for Abortion. Abortion is the end of pregnancy by induced or spontaneous expulsion of a nonviable fetus from the uterus. Induced abortions are safely performed by medical professionals using medications or minor surgery, and are lifesaving and life-restoring for many patients.

B is for Body. My Body, My Choice!

C is for Crime. When abortion is banned, the Crime rate increases one generation later.

D is for Danger. Pregnancy and childbirth are much more Dangerous to a pregnant person’s health than induced abortion. Please don’t dictate other people’s health decisions, because we all deserve to make decisions about our own bodies.

E is for Exhausting and Economic. Pregnancy, childbirth and childrearing are all extremely Exhausting. Induced abortions are far more affordable than giving birth, and abortion bans negatively impact the Economic stability of individuals and families.

F is for Fight and Freedom. Those who care about Freedom will never stop Fighting for autonomy for all pregnant people.

G is for Girls. Girls who give birth before adulthood experience devastating impacts to their education and livelihoods.

H is for Health. Access to safe, legal abortion is good for Health. When abortion care is inaccessible to those who need it, pregnant people can become gravely ill and even die as a result.

I is for Irate and Incest. Advocates of reproductive health feel Irate when girls who suffer Incest are denied access to the healthcare they need because it is a grave injustice.

J is for Just. Women in the US enjoyed nationwide legal abortion for Just under 50 years, from 1973-2022.

K is for Kegel. Women perform countless Kegel exercises after giving birth to regain control of their bladders, because incontinence is one of the enduring impacts that childbirth can have on women’s bodies.

L is for Love. Those who Love women can help them by advocating for a woman’s right to choose.

M is for Mother. Most women who get abortions are already Mothers. Mothers have plenty to worry about, and taking away their rights only adds to their stress and harms their mental health.

N is for Nausea. Some women experience Nausea and vomiting so severe during pregnancy that their life is put at risk.

O is for Oppression. Abortion bans are a form of Oppression against women.

P is for Poverty. When women are forced to have a child at a time in their life that is not right for them or when they are impregnated by an abusive partner, it increases the woman’s risk of staying trapped in Poverty.

Q is for Quality. Quality of life decreases when women are forced to keep unwanted pregnancies against their will.

R is for Rights. Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

S is for Sex. Sex is sometimes sadly nonconsensual. Whether or not pregnancy results from rape, all pregnant people should have the freedom to choose whether or not they remain pregnant.

T is for Time to Fight! Now is the Time for us to do everything we can to improve the lives of women and girls by ensuring that anyone who is able to become pregnant can access abortion care if they want to.

U is for Uterus and Unjust. Taking away a woman’s right to receive health care for her Uterus is Unjust, no matter who makes the decision.

V is for Violence, Vulnerable, and Voice. Pregnant women are at increased risk of experiencing domestic Violence. Forcing a woman to remain pregnant against her will is a form of physical and mental Violence against her. Those most Vulnerable to be harmed by abortion bans are also the least likely to have their Voices heard by those in power.

W is for Women. Women are amazing. We have overcome many injustices, and we will continue to rise up against abortion bans and other adversities imposed upon us to create a better future for our daughters.

X is for anXiety. Pregnancy, childbirth and raising kids are all long lasting sources of anXiety. Loss of control over one’s body is another significant cause of anXiety, like when women are forced to remain pregnant against their will.

Y is for You. You deserve to make the best decisions You can for Your body, Your future and Your life.

Z is for Zip it. If you struggle to accept the health decisions made between patients and physicians, kindly respect patient privacy and Zip it.


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