All the Single Ladies and Gentlemen

There is no one more attractive to a married person than a single person.

This is because a married person lives with the reality of the shortcomings of their spouse, with the unique intimacy that comes from being close enough to each other to justifiably loathe one another.

Meanwhile, single people appear saintly in comparison.

‘Surely anyone else would be a better spouse than the one I have’ is an easy conclusion to reach after yet another night of having the same fight.

Single people, if you only knew how much you are valued and idealized, if you had a sense of the pedestal upon which you are stand in eyes of the married!

Please do not feel unloved or unsexy because you are single. To the contrary, you hold the potential of near perfection.

Your company would no doubt be a better time, and our cohabitation would unquestionably result in a more fair partnership than the one I am currently suffering through without an end in sight.

Even my exes, perhaps especially my exes, would be more giving and appreciative of my efforts than my husband.

Our love would be warmed by creativity and joy, as we worked steadfastly towards our shared goals all while dedicating time for adventure.

My dear, misunderstood exes who are single now, how easy you are to romanticize from a distance when it is not your messes I need to clean up, your cocks I need to suck, or your insecurities I need to assuage.

A girl can dream…


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