All it is.

To me, meditation is simply bringing my awareness back to the present moment.

I do it amidst my perpetual state of tension and panic, as I bite my tongue and hold my breath. Of course, mindfulness helps me remember to unclench my jaw and breathe.

I meditate while chopping vegetables, folding laundry, sweeping the floor, and washing the nearly ever-present dishes.

I practice while driving, working, and raising my child.

I do it alone, and with other people.

I meditate indoors, and in nature.

I especially appreciate returning to the present after getting all worked up, like after arguing with my partner.

Though my mind frequently zips between the past and the future, now is the time I like the best because I get to experience my senses and enjoy a reprieve from regret and worry, however fleeting.

To me, enlightenment is simply remembering that we are all fruit of the same tree.

Like meditation, enlightenment is more easily returned to with practice.

The way I see it, our spirits are like drops of water that seem temporarily separated from the ocean because they are encased in the oil of our bodies.

When I remember that I am the ocean and not just an isolated drop, I feel a deep sense of belonging, support, and peace.

That’s all it is.


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