Unrequited Love

We all have unrequited love-
I’m not talking about that teenage heartache
That echoes off the canyon walls of self-doubt and loneliness
Though I am also talking about that
We get fooled by our human form
mistake it for our true form
Our minds get caught up in the he’s, she’s, we’s and ze’s
But the long lost love I’m talking about is with ourselves,
Specifically our highest self;
Which is the universal spirit of love that unites us all
Call it what you will,
A rose by any other name…

So stop fumbling in the mud,
Lift your gaze –
Give thanks to the shadows which allow you
To recognize the light
That is always shining
If we stop mucking around long enough to glimpse it

Our task is to lift our head out of the sand
And reunite with the love
That is abundant enough
To overflow billions of broken hearts
And then some

The cracks in your heart can be healed
By this molten love gold
Making your heart shine more brilliantly
Than it ever could before it was broken

Like those broken Japanese plates and bowls…
‘Kintsugi’ means ‘golden joinery’. Kintsukuroi means ‘golden repair’.

May you find your golden repair out there, or within, anywhere, everywhere
Healing by any modality is healing
Healing our heartbreak by recognizing our inseparableness with eternal love is our life’s mission;
it is how we finally requite our love

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