This Competitive American Life

This Competitive American Life

My toothpaste claims that it will keep my breath fresher for seven-times longer
Seven-times longer than what? I ask
But the toothpaste does not answer me
It is all wrapped up in it’s shiny packaging

My deodorant boasts that it will keep me powder-fresh all day and all night
Which I feel that I need, because I consume much caffeine in order to push through my human fatigue while I work like a machine around the clock
I work with people who would take offense at my natural odor, so I cringe as I smear the aluminum on my armpits
‘Forgive me, body’ I pray in a powder-soft whisper

All that caffeine makes me sweat where my antiperspirant doesn’t reach
To soak up my stress-enhanced face grease, I bought special makeup that promises to reduce shine
It doesn’t do much, so I re-apply it all the time

My hands are ragged from over-use
So I bought cream that promises to sooth
Repairing damaged skin more effectively than any other

Better than all the rest
That’s what these products brag on their packaging
Even my paper towels state that they are twice as strong as any other
Flexing their pumped-up muscles in the cupboard

But with all the latest and greatest that money can buy
Why do I feel like I’m not winning this Competitive American Life?
Perhaps because I don’t want to play the game
I want to live in harmony with myself and with the Earth

Hang on, body, I’ll get us to a place where we no longer use over-achieving, over-processed products laden with harsh chemicals

It brings me peace to know that
I could step off this Merry-Go-Round
At any time
And realize
That I am already where
I was trying to get to eventually
On the slowest fast train
Man ever made

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