Take Home Message

Take Home Message

More than a half-dozen moons ago
Just before the first snow
I caught Autumn’s fire
And in flames of desire
Got burnt by a liar
Who told me that he pulled his cock out in time
But he did not
It cost me more than dimes
For nine long weeks I was a baby-growing machine
It was extremely stressful and beyond exhausting

When my woulda-been baby daddy
Demonstrated his mental instability
I made the best decision I could:
I ended the pregnancy
Had that little life sucked right out of me
I never felt so much pain or saw so much blood
Months later I am bleeding still
Though I am too broke and scared to incur another doctor’s bill

Yesterday something fell out of my vagina
It wasn’t blood, nor was it obviously an embryo
It was an irregularly-shaped mass of fleshy tissue
Although I’m bleeding profusely, I am finally pain-free
I’m not entirely sure what the thing is or what it means
It quickly acquired a putrid smell
My take home message is:
Use protection y’all, to prevent this hell


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